Early intervention for young children at risk for developmental mental health disorders

Module 2 Structure

Providing a framework for the identification and early intervention for young children includes a broader knowledge base to address meaningful occupational therapy for children who are at-risk for developmental and mental health disorders. The therapist’s knowledge of herself and the continuous utilization of clinical reasoning are of vital importance and will be emphasized throughout.

Due to their training in the bio-psycho-social model O.T.’s help parents understand their child’s individual differences in the processing of incoming sensory information between different parts of the brain and motor output. Through clinical reasoning the links between the child’s physiological profile, aspects of the child’s functional emotional development and difficulties in participation with the occupational tasks of childhood i.e. sleeping, feeding, bowel and bladder control, playing and social interaction, are understood

  • Assessment Tools for children with Developmental Disorders
  • Supporting Families with both Multi-Disciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary Strategies
  • Components of a Multidisciplinary Assessment
  • General Principles of Treatment
  • Facilitate Functional Emotional Development
  • Addressing Individual Learning Differences in Sensory Processing and Motor Planning
  • Occupational Therapy in the Context of Relationships
  • Behavioural Strategies

“John was a very shy child, slow to warm up and the eldest in a family
of two. His mother was very concerned about his social difficulties…”

  • Reasons for Referral
  • Axis based Diagnosis
  • Behaviour During Initial Therapy Sessions
  • Short term Goals
  • Long term Occupational Performance Goals
  • Results

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